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White Dragon Chronicles

Book One - 2020
Available Soon Online / In Stores
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My Story

"I was born and raised in New York. They say it's the best place for a creative mind, I think so too. As a kid, I loved watching fantasy and science fiction shows. They profoundly influenced my passion for reading the same genres. My favorite science fiction stories were about adventures in space. As for fantasy, I've always had a passion for stories about knights, castles, and dragons. Reading something that combined the two was quite rare, but very much a treat to find.

One night, after binge-watching a space show on the SyFy channel, I fell asleep and dreamt of a world with knights, dragons, and a boy from space. It was such a fantastic dream that I told my brother and friends. The response I received from all of them was that it was a thrilling story and that I should put it on paper. That's how my first book, "White Dragon Chronicles," came to be.

There are no boundaries in expressing one's imagination, and that's what I pursue in my writing. I feel that being able to do what you love while fulfilling your goals is life in its fullest form. I aim to take you to places and situations that you've never seen or felt."



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White Dragon Chronicles


Francisco took me into a magical journey with this story. I can't wait for Book 2!



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